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Our Services

Project Branding

We assist with defining, developing and delivering the benefits and experiences that establish the brand of your project or business as relevant, identifiable and engaging. We work closely with our clients to develop customised strategies based upon target audiences, timelines and budgets, optimising positioning of the brand relative to key competitors. 


Project Sales & Marketing  

CBTee Group offers a full suite of project sales and marketing services, adopting a holistic approach to the complete life cycle of a project. Working collaboratively with our clients, we apply the highest level of professionalism to ensure that the desired project and commercial outcomes are achieved.  

  • Development and implementation of comprehensive sales and marketing plans 

  • Detailed market analysis reporting, establishing the foundations for broader strategies 

  • Identifying target audiences via our market experience, in conjunction with extensive research and insights

  • Creative and asset development

  • Public Relations strategies

  • Tailored launch & release strategies 

  • Project sales 

  • Sales conversion initiatives 

  • Effective database engagement and ongoing management 

  • Post transactional customer relations initiatives


Development and Project Management

Our experienced team ensure that all facets of your project or business requirements are managed and delivered with the necessary rigor. Our development management services are full cycle, from the beginning of the project planning process to property settlements.

  • Strategic project visioning

  • Management of rezoning and planning control amendments

  • Management of development processes, including concept design/masterplanning, development applications, construction and registration/occupation

  • Project budgeting, cash flow management and financial optimisation

  • Project planning and delivery strategies

  • Project programming

  • Management of Voluntary Planning Agreements and Works-in-Kind Agreements



CBTee Group offers a wide range of acquisition services, specialising in low to medium density residential sites.

  • Site identification, disposal and due diligence 

  • Development of feasibility assessments

  • Risk assessment and due diligence 

  • Comprehensive market analysis

  • Acquisition strategy 

  • Sale & transactional management 


Advisory Services

We provide an extensive range of professional advisory services to property development and home building businesses, spanning multiple disciplines.


  • Branding & Marketing strategy development and implementation (corporate & project)

  • Development and facilitation of sales & customer relations processes, procedures and workflow

  • Best practice CRM and database utilisation and management

  • Development and Project Management

  • External stakeholder relations

  • Acquisitions


Market Research & Discovery 

Preparation of analytical industry reports, providing developers and homebuilders with relevant market data, insights and observations. 


  • Quantitative and Qualitative market research 

  • Comprehensive competitor analysis

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Market segmentation

  • Identification and profiling of new target markets

  • Product recommendations

  • Market insights and trends 

  • Focus Groups 

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