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Our Experience

Working for some of the most prominent domestic and international property developers and builders within Australia, Craig & Brent have formed strong alliances with key industry stakeholders over their 45 years combined service.



The team at CBTee Group have a proven track record of delivering masterplanned communities of the highest standard in varying sizes and scale across NSW. They have a passion for crafting projects that are not just a success commercially but are also neighbourhoods and communities that are connected and proud places for residents to call home. 

From the deeply considered approach to masterplanning, to the landscape and built form outcomes of each project, CBTee Group strive to create neighbourhoods that are memorable and leave a long-lasting legacy for both the developer and residents. 

Home Building

Working within and alongside project home builders and architects, the team at CBTee Group have a broad and diverse understanding of the new home industry.  

Having worked with project home builders and architects for over two decades, the team has a profound understanding of built form fundamentals, both from a commercial and market perspective. Specialising in the markets of low – medium density development, CBTee Group’s understanding of housing delivery complements their full project life cycle capabilities.

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