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Our team approach is designed to utilise our extensive industry knowledge, in collaboration with our partners, to deliver business outcomes that exceed expectations.
We pride ourselves on our expertise to deliver a full suite of professional and personalised services spanning property advisory, project management, development management, project branding and project marketing and sales.
What we do

Our commitment is to fully understand every aspect of your project and business, maximising outcomes and minimising risks. CBTee Group provides a full cycle project solution for small, medium and large-scale developments, whilst having the capability of tailoring our services to suit your investment or business requirements.


Project Branding

Tailoring brand frameworks and strategies to fit each project or business, growing reach and connecting with the right consumers.


Project Sales & Marketing

Development and implementation of methodical and customised sales and marketing strategies, maximising project efficiencies, sales results and revenue outcomes.


Development & Project Management

Detailed management of projects through the entire development life cycle, from inception to completion, creating profitable development outcomes.



Identification and investigation of small to large scale development sites across broad geographical locations throughout NSW, with a core focus on low to medium density.



Professional industry advisory services for property development and home building businesses, spanning multiple disciplines.


Market Research & Discovery

In depth market research and discovery reporting capabilities, traversing a broad range of industry categories.

We endeavour to create benchmark levels of professional service, setting the highest standards of satisfaction for our business partners.

Craig Barnes & Brent Thompson
CBTee Group co-founders



The team at CBTee Group have a proven track record of delivering masterplanned communities of the highest standard in varying sizes and scale across NSW. They have a passion for crafting projects that are not just commercially successful, but are also neighbourhoods and communities that are connected and proud places for residents to call home. 

From the deeply considered approach to masterplanning, to the landscape and built form outcomes of each project, CBTee Group strive to create neighbourhoods that are memorable and leave a long-lasting legacy for both the developer and residents. 

Home Building

Working within and alongside project home builders and architects, the team at CBTee Group have a broad and diverse understanding of the new home industry.  

Having worked with project home builders and architects for over two decades, the team has a profound understanding of built form fundamentals, both from a commercial and market perspective. Specialising in the markets of low – medium density development, CBTee Group’s understanding of housing delivery complements their full project life cycle capabilities.

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